Monday, 20 February 2012

The Simplicity of Balance

''The words of a Dream can set a tremendous energy in motion. Man creates a future for himself through his dream, through the thoughts he cherishes. But you are free in your dream, and you can change anything you like just by speaking different words. You are free, you have the liberty, and every Man is a creator for himself.''

 - Who Are We? (book 5)

In Sanskrit, the word Santosha can be translated as a peacefulness with what is. Acceptance through balance. True to our namesake, the journey of Santosha over the last few months has been a delightful mix of hard work and lots of fun. When practicality meets idealism in perfect balance, life flows with a gentle simplicity that reassures you that you are on the right track.

While Emily has begun her two new jobs (wardrobe mistress at Santa Maria and Mystery Shopper), I have spent the summer completing assignments for my Montessori qualification and writing the legal framework for our future community.

Santosha Co operative Ltd 

As I mentioned in our last blog post, we have decided that the best structure for Santosha is a Co operative. The legislation for Co operatives is still very new, passed only in 2009. Recently Emily and I had a meeting with the Department of Commerce to go through some of our questions. The Department of Commerce have been very helpful, providing lots of guidance for how to best use the structure to suit our needs.

The advice that we received early on was that lawyers didn't know a lot about how Co operatives work and that if we wanted a lawyer to write our rules for us, we had better be prepared to pay big money.

Instead we have decided to save the money and write the rules ourselves. I had completed part of a law degree and so I have some legal background. Good thing that I had no idea the enormity of the task I had assigned myself!!!

I still chuckle when Emily and I first spoke about creating a Co operative. We discussed whether we should do it Friday or Saturday? 3 months later and I am still working at it daily hahaha :)

At 108 clauses (and counting) and 41 pages, I feel that we have fulfilled our criteria for creating a thorough legal framework for the community. Even though I myself wrote much of the document, I still find it intimidating to think of all the contingencies, subclauses etc. But rest assured, my task after completing the rules (which is getting very close) is to create 'Alex's Guide to the Contract' which should write out people's legal rights and obligations in simple, easy to understand language. After that has been completed, we can finally start the Co operative!!

Affordability and Investment Options

One of the most exciting developments for Santosha has been our work to try and make Santosha an affordable option for people who don't have a lot of money. As it stands, due to the way that the community will be structured, no one can borrow against the land. While I am not a huge fan on banks, our inability to take out loans does make it harder for people who don't have the money up front to pay for a domain and build a house. Enter the Co operative Capital Unit (CCU).

A CCU is a way for a Co operative to raise money, other than the issuing of shares. They can be issued to members or to non members. In practical terms, this means that we can provide the opportunity for members of the Co operative to buy a share in the Co operative, be allocated their portion of land and build their house. Repayment of these costs will be made to the Co operative in the same way that a loan works. The amount owed can be paid over a period of time, with a cumulative interest rate.

Any money paid back to the Co operative then gets paid to the holder of the CCU. In case that was confusing, lets look at this with a hypothetical example using WealthyNiceGuy and EnthusiasticDude:

note: we don't yet have estimates for the housing, and so the figures used here are purely theoretical.

Hypothetical Example

The Co operative issues a CCU to WealthyNiceGuy. The CCU is for the value of $160 000. The Co operative now has $160 000. It uses $60 000 of that money to help purchase the property.

EnthusiasticDude loves Santosha, but does not have enough money to buy a domain or build a house. He does, however, have a little bit of money. Enough to pay for the deposit ($3 000) and 10% of the share price ($6 000).

EnthusiasticDude will pay the remainder of the share price over a period of time. EnthusiasticDude also signs a contract with the Co operative to build the basic structure of a house on his domain, in accordance with the pre-approved plans. This way EnthusiasticDude gets to take advantage of the cost savings of having his house built at the same time and in the same way as every other member of the Co operative. EnthusiasticDude will pay back the debt created by this contract over a period of time.

The Co operative spends the remaining $100 000 from the CCU issued to WealthyNiceGuy to build the basic shell of the house. Enthusiastic Dude will pay for interior finishings himself in his own time.

The rate of interest for payment of the share price and for the contract with the Co operative to build a house will be the same rate of interest as the CCU that was issued. Therefore, over the years, whenever EnthusiasticDude makes a payment to the Co operative, the Co operative then pays that money to WealthyNiceGuy.

The Bottom Line

If EnthusiasticDude is unable to pay back to the Co operative the money he owes, he can apply to have the debt cancelled. If this occurs, then the Co operative will sell his share to someone else. This new person will continue the payments.

If no person can purchase the shares, and the Co operative cannot make payments to WealthyNiceGuy then both parties can agree to invoke the Right to Land procedure. This involves the owner of the CCU being given the right to use that piece of land for establishing an organic fruit orchard, or any other purpose that is in line with the principles of Santosha.

After 20 years, if repayment still has not been made in full, then WealthyNiceGuy can invoke the Right to Land Procedure independent of the Co operatives agreement. The Right to Land can be sold or transferred to another party, even back to the Co operative at a later date.

A Win-Win-Win situation

After I have finished writing up the Co operative rules, my next job will be to go about raising capital for the Co operative by finding conscious investors for these CCU's. I don't believe commerce has to be done at the 'expense' of someone else. True commerce should be a situation that is Win-Win, where both parties benefit. In our arrangement, there are lots of benefits for both parties, as well as for the Co operative as a whole.

Benefits for the CCU Holder - WealthyNiceGuy

Monetary Gain - The Holder of a CCU has made an investment that yields interest, giving a clear financial benefit.

A Safe Investment - For people who are nervous about keeping their money in banks, purchasing a CCU is an investment in people. While there can be a run on the banks, or a stock market crash, people can always work and generate value.

An Investment in Land - As the world begins to realise the importance of food, rural property rather than urban property, will be increasing in value. The bottom line behind the investment is that if the money is not repaid, the CCU holder takes the Right to Land. This land will be surrounded by conscious individuals growing high quality produce. Over the years, the value of that land will increase significantly.

Good Karma - There are some wealthy people out there who are genuinely looking for conscious investment opportunities. As well as looking for a good return, they want their money to help the community and nourish the planet. Purchasing a CCU allows an individual to perform the God pleasing deed of co creating a paradise garden, a space of love.

Benefits for the Co operative Member - EnthusiasticDude

Time - Unless you have put aside savings for many years, many people won't have the necessary funds to pay for a domain and a house straight away. This arrangement allows for someone to enjoy the benefits of the land immediately, plant trees in the ground and then pay off their debt over a number of years.

No More Rent - Many people spend thousands every year on rent, which allows short term living arrangements but gives nothing for the future. In this arrangement, any money spent paying off the debt is paying for land and a house that will be a domain passed on to your descendants for generations!

Benefits for the Co operative

Buy the Land Sooner - While we are very blessed to know that the property that we want to buy is still on the market, there is no guarantee that the property will be available indefinitely. By raising capital by issuing CCU's we can purchase the land before we have all 28 families with the available finances necessary.

Flexibility in Attracting Kin - Owning the Land and developing it with housing quickly allows families who are interested in joining Santosha the opportunity of seeing a community already up and running before making their decision.

We have decided that we won't buy the land until we have at least 14 families ready to settle there straight away, even if we have raised the money in other ways. These families will be in the first round of building. The second round of building will be in five years time. Over that five years, more and more people will be joining the Santosha Domain Community until all 28 domains have owners!

It is worth noting, however, that the price of shares will be increasing slightly each year. This is to repay the interest on the CCU that was issued to purchase the land. The share price will still be relatively cheap, considering that the money is going towards a piece of land in beautiful Margaret River that will be surrounded by conscious individuals and families, each engaged in the sacred task of co creation.

However, for those who see the writing on the wall, who feel Anastasia's dream in their soul and know that small scale sustainable agriculture is the way of the future, we highly recommend that you start making it happen now! If you know that you want to live in a domain community eventually, you will save yourself some money by acting sooner rather than later. Contact Emily or I and organise a dialogue, we would love to talk with you :)

Dreams of the Future

Santosha has not been all work and no play. As well as working out the legal requirements for the community, there has also been lots of time for dreaming, chatting, laughing and gardening.

While our process of dialogues continues, it seems as though every second person interested in Santosha is a Raw Food Chef or a Naturopath of some sort! Not that I am complaining. Having all these talented people as neighbours is definitely a good thing :)

In my daydreams, I see my domain in ever increasing clarity. I feel that being specific in my intent is one of the forces responsible for the incredible synchronicities that have helped us along. I recommend to everyone interested in creating a space of love to take the time to try and feel what it will be like to live on your domain.

Imagine yourself surrounded by your living fence, possibly among some flowers or fruit trees. What can you see? What can you feel? What can your hear? Are there children running around barefoot on the grass? Are there birds swooping back and forth between the trees, stopping only to charm you with their song? Let your conscious mind relax and allow the future that awaits you flood your awareness :)

My Own Daydreams

With the work I have been doing, Santosha is on my mind constantly. Perhaps this constant awareness of the future that we are creating is responsible for the many ideas that I have been having hahahaa :D

The Cape to Cape Walk

There is a walking trail that runs for 135 km along the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge between the lighthouses of Cape Naturalist and Cape Leeuwin. For the most part, the track follows the coast, along beaches and cliffs. There are also some inland sections, where the trail goes through the tall trees of Boranup Karri forest. Seeing as this part of the globe is soon to become our backyard, it struck me as a good idea for all Santosha residents to walk the trail together!

We could do it as a celebration when we purchase the land. As well as getting to know the geography of the area well, it would be an amazing opportunity for group bonding as a community. I'm sure the memories of such a journey, taken together, would be a precious treasure for the rest of our lives. People could join for small sections if they wanted and a hard-core group of us could walk the whole trail over 7 or 8 days!

The Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun track is almost 1000km long and runs from Kalamunda all the way to Albany. People who know me know that I love hiking in the South West. The Bibbulmun track has taken me to some of the most exquisite places I have ever been to.

At Santosha, we will be showing the world that you can take an empty field and turn it into a lush oasis of gardens. Having said that, there is an extraordinary energy in the old growth forests of the South West. The beautiful forests of the South West that have been untouched by Man should be preserved. As well as planting our own trees, I thought it might be nice in the future if the Santosha community helped preserve some of these ancient forests.

The Bibbulmun Track foundation allows for individuals or groups of individuals to 'care' for a particular section of the track. This involves routine checks of the condition of the track, moving any small obstructions, reporting to DEC any major obstructions or problems with the campsites etc. It would be a wonderful way for Santosha to give back to the community and continue the incredible work of Bibbulmun Track Volunteers who help ensure that people can enjoy the beauty of the South West with minimal environmental impact.

Olive Trees

Can you recall the story in Book 8.2 Rites of Love when the whole community gathers together to cut hay for the community reserves. This is where Radomir and Liubomilia first meet. I just love the idea of everyone joining together, working for a common task and having lots of fun in the process!

The idea occurred to me that we could plant olive trees throughout the community land of the property, and once a year have a festival where everyone gathers together and works to harvest that years olives. We can then take all the olives to where they are turned into olive oil. Almost everyone uses olive oil in their cooking, and we can divide up all the oil for the community to use throughout the year. My bet is that the olive oil harvested from that day will be sweeter tasting than any store bought olive oil!

My Latest Expedition

In early February some friends and I headed to Balingup for a relaxing weekend. While we were in the area, we took the opportunity to head to one of my favourite places on the Planet - The Golden Valley Tree Park (for more information see previous blogpost 'Gardens of Inspiration').

One of the great things about Balingup is that there are Oak trees everywhere! Well this time, I came prepared. Oak trees drop their acorns over the year, which then sprout little baby oak trees. Underneath a large oak tree, there can sometimes be thousands of little oaklings.

So my friends and I found some particularly large oak trees in Balingup and set about digging up some of the baby oaks to put into pots. At first, we were unsure about how successful this transplanting would be, but I am delighted to report that it has been a tremendous success!

I have brought my little oaklings home, given them LOTS of love and LOTS of worm juice and they have sprouted green shoots and brand new leaves! Oaks can live for 600 or 700 years. They are some of the most glorious living beings on the planet, full of wisdom and beauty. When Emily and plant these Oaks on our domain, we will be planting trees that will loved my countless generations of our descendants :)

As a reminder, Autumn is almost upon us, which is the greatest time to start gathering up the seeds of trees and putting them into pots. I have my eye on Jacarandas, Gold Shower Trees and Elms. Even though we may not be living on our domains yet, we can still plant trees that will eventually go on our domains. Yay!!

The Balingup Small Sustainable Farm

Just before heading to Balingup, I made a phone call to the Balingup Small Sustainable Farm to see if we could come and have a look at their set up. I have been following Gavin and Lisa via their blog and I am constantly inspired by their commitment to 'walk their talk' and live sustainably.

Their property is just stunning. It is 10 acres at the bottom of a valley with a gorgeous body of water that takes up an acre or two. Not that they are careless with their water though. In fact, they make it a point to only use as much water as necessary. Gavin said that he had planted around 200 trees in 2011, none of which a reticulated and yet they are thriving!

We were shown Lisa's medicinal garden, their chooks, their vegetable gardens, the solar cooker, the space where they plan to grow wheat and their numerous fruit trees. At one point I inadvertently complimented to taste of a yellow plum. Next thing we know, we are helping with the harvest and heading home with two large boxes of them!!!!

I highly highly recommend that everyone head down to Balingup some time this year and see what Gavin and Lisa have managed to create. It is a very special place of extraordinary beauty. They hold workshops and open days during the year. You can follow them at their blog here:

note: as I was searching the internet to find the link to their blog, I saw that they had plugged thr Santosha Community on their blog. Much love guys!!

Black Wattle and Chinese Pauwlonia 

Some of the best news that we discovered on our expedition south was about two trees in particular. The Black Wattle and the Chinese Pauwlonia.

The Black Wattle

The Black Wattle is an Eastern States native that grows VERY FAST. When we asked Gavin and Lisa how old some of the Wattle trees were on their property, we expected them so say 7 or 10 years. Some were only three years old!

These were big trees already, providing lots of shade for the property and for us. In my opinion they are also the most attractive wattle species. They shimmer delicately in the sun and their leaves have a very deep green.

They are highly valued for firewood. The wood burns well and the tree grows fast. I immediately placed an order to the universe for lots of these on my domain so that we have lots of wood to keep us warm through the winter!

The Chinese Pauwlonia

I had never heard of this tree before my recent expedition south. When we first arrived in Balingup, spotted one of these trees and asked my friend David if he knew what it was?

It had giant heart shaped leaves and a soft brown trunk, somewhat similar to the coral trees we get here in Perth. David had never encountered one of these trees either, and since we have been back in Perth, we have not seen a single one. Luckily for us, a kind passer by identified it as a Chinese Pauwlonia and told us a little bit about it.

The Chinese Pauwlonia is the fastest growing tree in the world!! This is good news for people wanting to set up a domain and are keen to have nice big trees growing on their property soon! It is sometimes called the Princess Tree and in Spring it has beautiful purple flowers. Commercially it is grown for timber, due to the incredible speed with which it grows. This makes it an ideal tree to plant while waiting for other trees to grow large, at which point they can be felled for timber.

The trees at the Balingup Small Sustainable Farm were very large and very beautiful. I am a total convert to this tree and want to plant lots of them! As synchronicity would have it, while driving through Nannup I was telling my friend Brendan about this newly discovered tree, I saw one across the road. We parked the car and walked over to the tree, to find that there was a sign wrapped around that told of the many positive attributes of the tree. Friend of birdlife, grows many climates, many soil types etc.

Could the Universe speak any clearer? And yes, I did gather up a number of seeds for later planting!

A Visit to the Property

While I was in the area, I couldn't resist taking the opportunity to have a look at the property and see how it was in Summer. Personally, I am a winter person. I like cool weather, flowing streams and green pastures. Therefore I had low expectations for how the property would look in all this heat. There hadn't been a drop of rain in the area for over a month!

I was, however, pleasantly surprised! In the lower areas, close to the stream there is still green grass! While the stream was not the torrential river that it had been in winter and spring, there was still water flowing. This really impressed me, because later that day we went walking on the Bibbulmun Track along the Donelly river which had all dried up. If our little stream has water flowing, even what a giant river like the Donelly has dried up, I feel I have no right to complain hehehe :P

There was also a nice breeze blowing which keeps the temperature down, one of the benefits of a coastal property. It was still hot, but the ground underneath was dry and solid, unlike the mud that you sometimes get in winter. With lots of trees planted across the property, the shade will take an additional edge off. If I can minimise the effect of the heat in summer, then I can free my mind to focus on the number of tomatoes that can be grown!

Until We Next Meet

Well I think that wraps up all that has been going on in Santosha for the last few months. I sincerely hope that when this blog is next updated, I can report that we have completed all of the legal structure and are now taking deposits for the Co operative. It is coming very soon, I can feel it!

Then my next step is to put on a suit and tie, and raise some capital for us. On that note, if you know anyone who might be interested in the conscious investment opportunities we are offering, please pass on our details to them. Also if you know anyone who has read the Ringing Cedars Series and is keen to create a Space of Love in a Domain Community, pass on our details.

Remember that placing a deposit (when the time comes) is linked to the order that domain locations will be chosen and that in order to place a deposit, you need to have a dialogue with Emily and I. Don't be frightened, they are heaps of fun!

To receive updates from this blog, be sure to enter your email address in the sidebar of the blog. This will automatically alert you when there is a new blog post. We appreciate all of the love and support of our friends and of the wider community for this project. Your positive thoughts mean a lot to us. Thankyou.

My sincere love to you all. May you follow your dreams x

''In the whole of the Universe there is no being capable of more powerful development and greater freedom than Man. All other civilisations bow before Man. All sorts of civilisations have the capability of developing and bringing themselves to perfection, but only in one direction, and they are not free. The greatness of Man is beyond even their grasp. God - the Great Mind - created Man and to no one else gave He more than to Man.''

 - Anastasia (book 1)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Gardens of Inspiration

''A thousand years ago people wore different clothes. They had different instruments at their disposal. But that is not the essence. Back a thousand years ago, just like today, people had the same feelings. Feelings are not subject to time''

 - Anastasia (book 1)

Hi everyone! Good health to your thoughts :)

Wow so where to begin? So much has been happening recently, it has been so incredible to watch this divine process unfold. Through Santosha I have connected with so many amazing beings and many of them share the desire to create a space of love. Truly, we are all now connected by the grand energy of co creation!

More and more I find myself haunted (in a good way) by visions of Santosha. It constantly occupies my thoughts and I can picture the future in greater detail every passing day. 

I have begun a new exercise regime where I wake in the early morning and power walk around my neighbourhood. I find I can cover a large distance every morning, giving me the chance to explore streets I have never walked down before. There is a magical energy in the early morning and very few people around. I love looking at peoples gardens, picking the trees and plants that I like and mentally placing them somewhere on my domain. When I get home I soak my feet in water, pour them on my vegetables and water the garden. Then its a shower, 20 minutes of Yoga followed by meditation. This new regime gives me a chance to think about life and about what I want to create :)

It turns out I am not the only one who is haunted by visions of Santosha. Check out these incredible photos of artwork done by future kinsmen of Santosha, David.

This incredible work is done on his cedar necklace. I got so excited when I first saw it, I think it's absolutely stunning! For my part, I have taken up drawing with water colours. I have found them extremely easy to use, and have really enjoyed sketching out scenes of our future domain!

Though summer has its own charm, I am really looking forward to Autumn this year, as I have plans to gather up the seed pods of all the trees I have admired from around Perth. After weeks of not finding any Oak trees anywhere in Perth, it seems I am now seeing them everywhere!!

I have been guilty of taking longer routes home, just so I can drive past an Oak tree! I didn't even know what an Oak tree looked like until this year, but now I have fallen in love with them. When I looked at the shape of the leaf, it awakened a cellular memory inside of me, possibly from lifetimes ago in Europe. That first night, whenever I closed my eyes I saw the shape of the leaf...

On that note, in our facebook group, we have created an album featuring pictures of some of the most common European trees. Hopefully this should serve as inspiration and education, as we gradually learn to differentiate between a Beech tree and an Elm (I cant tell the difference though!!).

However, a picture can only do so much, so for people who are really interested in learning all the different trees and choosing vegetation for their future domain, I want to share three of our favourite places to go to for inspiration. 

Golden Valley Tree Park

This place is my absolute favourite! This place is literally a 'Tree Museum' where tree's from around the world grow so people can come and enjoy them. I have been back three times now and I intend on visiting it again and again. This arboretum features Birches, Oaks, Cedars, Willows, Ash, Maples, Amber's, Elms and a massive variety of fruit trees. All of the trees have plaques so you can learn the names of the trees and they also have the year they were planted! This is so helpful so you can understand how many years it takes for a tree to grow to that height. The energy is just spectacular, I give this place my highest possible recommendation!!

King's Park

King's park truly is a treasure. It is immaculately maintained all year round and the staff are always friendly and happy to answer questions about the flora. They have now put plaques underneath most of the trees to help people identify them. It was at King's park that we first discovered the 'Australian Cedar' tree! Many of the trees are from across the globe, tree's we have never heard of before. If you live in Perth, I suggest checking it out in the evening. Give yourself a treat and go for a walk among the trees. Let them fuel your dreams of co creation :)

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens

I had never been to this amazing place before this year, but some friends and I headed out there one weekend to play miniature golf (so much fun) and just loved it! The gardens are incredible. The gazebo's and footpaths are blended seamlessly with massive tree's, vines, flowers, ferns and streams. The whole place was so lush! We even picked bananas off the tree's and ate them :)

The Legal Structure

And now down to some of the business side of Santosha. Since we first wrote the blog, there have been many changes to the proposed legal structure for Santosha, though these are mostly technical changes. We still intend for the legal structure to be extremely thorough, so there is no doubt about people's legal rights to their land and we still intend for the structure to be founded on the principles of equality and democracy.

In short, now we are creating a co operative, rather than a company. A co operative is the ideal structure for what we are creating at Santosha, and the process is well under way. We have been writing the 'rules' or 'contracts' for weeks now. It is a very intense process that has taken many many hours, and we are still not complete yet. At the moment, we have about 30 questions that were sent a few weeks ago to the department of commerce (who have been very friendly and helpful) and we are still waiting on their reply. The questions we asked were quite in depth, and the legislation is very new and so they told us it may take some time for a response. Once we receive answers to these questions, we will work hard to finish writing all of the legalities as quickly as we can.

At that stage we will be sending out those documents to people who have had a dialogue with us to review. They will not be finalised at that point, but shared with the Santosha community to bring in more people to the process and ensure there is nothing important that we have missed. 

In addition to the legal rules we will also be sending out 'Alex's Guide to the Contract' which puts the rules in easy to understand terms, though we expect people will want to read both. We didn't want to send out just the rules because the legal language can be very intimidating at first glance. Already the contract is 27 pages long and it could easily double!

This is to cover the many contingencies that are unlikely to ever occur, but nonetheless provide a safety net. Reading the document, however, might give the wrong impression that Santosha is all legalistic and complicated, when we intend it to be anything but! Santosha will be a magical place of gardens and children, but we feel that having a solid legal framework in place is the key to unlocking paradise :)

These new developments do make some of the information in the initial series of blog posts obsolete, so once we have finalised the new legal structure, we will update the information there. 


The excitement of Santosha continues along, and Emily and I have had a number of dialogues recently. These dialogues are so much fun, as we chat and laugh about the Ringing Cedars and what kind of life we picture at Santosha.

Though there is a lot of interest, it is still hard to gauge exactly how many people are committed as 'definite' until we have the legal structure set up and have taken deposits. I would say that we probably have 8 or so families who are absolutely sure that they will sign up, with perhaps that many again having expressed strong interest. It's hard to say, but there is just so much momentum at the moment that it feels like everything could be happening very soon. 

In a very exciting development, after having a dialogue with us, one family indicated that they might be interested in purchasing more than one domain, giving the option for families to buy them at a later date. This is something we are currently exploring, as it will allow us to buy the land much sooner. 

For those who see the writing on the wall and know that self sufficient living is the way for the future, this opens up conscious investment opportunities. For families who are unsure, or who haven't heard of Santosha yet, this gives them the option of joining Santosha when it is already a thriving, established community. We haven't figured out all of the details yet, but options like these will allow us to be proactive in securing the land for Santosha :)

We have also been in contact with an eco village on the other side of Australia called Bindarrabi, who have been kind enough to share their legal documents with us. There is much to be gained with this kind of co operation, and we expect this to continue into the future. Emily is flying to the Eastern States for a few weeks in January and she will be visiting Bindarrabi to be shown around the property. The people who have created this community have been really friendly and we hope to be able to share resources with them in the future.

We have also been in contact over email and Skype with a couple in Southern Queensland who are looking to create a community similar to Santosha. It has been such a wonderful experience to connect with these people from across the country and feel their positive energy and inspiration :) If anyone is reading this blog in the Eastern States, check out their thread on the Ringing Cedars Revolution website:

And so the journey goes on and on. Every step is beautiful...

Our blog has had almost 1500 views already! If you have been following the progress of Santosha with keen interest, and are considering joining us, be sure to get in personal contact with Emily and I so that we can have a dialogue :)

Also be sure to sign up for email updates in the side bar. This will notify you when there is a new blog post up, so you stay well informed with all the goings on. 

We know Santosha won't be the only large scale domain community in Western Australia. Within the decade there may be hundreds, or thousands! We invite you to the future. We invite you to co creation. We invite you to Santosha!

Many many blessings x

''Now you and a lot of people will be able to see this splendid future materialised. The energy of her thought is extraordinarily strong, and her strength has no equal anywhere in space. It is perfect and quite specific, but the main thing is that she keeps on gaining strength thanks to the help of other people's thinking. She is no longer alone''

 - The Energy of Life (book 7)

Monday, 7 November 2011

(9) The Way Forward

That is no made-up story, but a projection of the future. The names and locales are not important. What is important is the essence, the idea, the dream! And if my story has evoked positive feelings, then people will certainly project its essence into the future, and many people will add their own details and infuse the projection with their own great meaning and conscious awareness.

 - The New Civilization (book 8.1)

It seems as though the journey is coming to an end, the last of our information notes. Appearances, however, can be deceptive. Remember the words shared between Adam and God in Co Creation (book 4):

''Where is the edge of the Universe? What will I do when I come to it? When I myself fill everything, and have created everything I have conceived?''

'''My son. The Universe itself is a thought, a thought from which was born a dream, which is partially visible as matter. When you approach the edge of all creation, your thought will reveal a new beginning and continuation. From obscurity will arise a new and resplendent birth of you, and it will reflect in itself your soul, your dreams, your whole aspirations. My son, you are infinite, you are eternal. Within you are your dreams of Creation.'''

It only appears that we have reached the end, but truly we have only really just begun. Santosha exists in the minds and hearts of hundred of people now, all contributing their own unique energy to this grand co creation. This energy will continue to grow in strength and beauty...

There is so much enthusiasm. People want to know more information, they want to visit the property and I get many offers from people who want to know if they can help in some way. I know how they feel. Once you are excited about the future, it can't come quick enough! You just want to be busy every day, somehow contributing to your dream and bringing it that little bit closer. Well I am pleased to say, there is much that can be done! There is no need to sit on your hands and wait, for we can all be proactive in helping to create Santosha. Lets look at the path ahead :)

The Books

The first step I recommend to anyone who is interested in Santosha is to read the books. If you have already read the books, my recommendation is to re read the books!

Santosha is a community crafted from the ideas of the Ringing Cedars series. If what you have read on this blog has appealed to you so far, and you think that Santosha might be your future, then come back to the books and then listen to your soul. Feel the words of Anastasia ripple across your being and fill you with inspiration. Re-connect with your own dreams of creation. 

All official publishers of ''The Ringing Cedars of Russia' series of books are presented at the following link:

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Choose Your Destiny

After reading the books, and looking at all the information we have here about Santosha, take some time to really think about your life. What do you picture in 5 years? What do you picture in 20 years? What kind of world do you want to raise children in? Talk it over with your friends, your parents, your partner. This is a major decision. If after this period of contemplation, you realise that Santosha is for you, then its time to get VERY EXCITED!!

From Now to Santosha


There is much to do! Your first step is to schedule a dialogue with Emily and Myself. (For more information on the 'dialogue' process, see our previous not (8) Promoting peaceful co-existence and harmony within the community).

You can find our contact details on the sidebar of this blog. We look forward to hearing from you :)


After the dialogue, the next step is to secure yourself a place at Santosha. You can choose which of the housing timeframes will best suit you, and then make a deposit (For more information on this, see our previous notes (6) Housing) and (7) The Legal Structure). 

The deposit is $3 000, and only available to people who have had a dialogue. This money goes to pay costs necessary before we actually purchase the land. They also determine the order of choice when it comes to selecting domains. 

Buying the Land

Once we have enough people (or money) to purchase the land, then it comes time to purchase shares in the company. This will only be made available to people who have made a deposit. The shares will be $60 000. The combined cost of the both of the blocks that we want to purchase is $1.4 million. That means that $50 000 of the $60 000 will go to paying the cost of the property. The other $10 000 will be set aside for community funds. This will pay for council rates, roads etc. 

Once the land is ours, we will divide it into domains and allow people to begin selecting their future home!

Don't wait, Create!

As you can see, there is much to do! We must start planning for our future now. When you go for a walk around the neighbourhood, start taking notice of the different trees that you like. Soon you will be deciding what to plant in your space of love!

Start researching planting techniques and the growth cycles of plants. Make drawings of your future domain. Allow inspiration to BECOME you!

Equally important is the practical side of all this preparation. There is money that must be raised. Granted, if you consider that we are buying land in the most desirable part of the South-West region, the cost involved in Santosha is relatively inexpensive. For the same cost that we will be getting 1.5 hectares, a sustainable house and beautiful neighbours, here in Perth city, you would probably only be able to afford an apartment. 

Having said that, in Santosha you cannot take out a mortgage on the house. For us young people, we don't have the money simply sitting around waiting to be spent. Emily and I have had to make budgets, investments (silver) and plans for the future so that we can raise enough money to pay for this amazing future. In the short term, it means working a lot. 

It is a labour of love though. Each day of studying, or working brings us one step closer to our dream. It is important to formulate a financial plan for how you can pay for your share of Santosha. Don't work toooo hard though. Remember, if your not having fun then your doing something wrong :P

Can we Help?

It is so heartening to say, that one of the most common questions I get is - ''Is there anything I can do to help''? I am pleased to say that YES THERE IS!!! :)

We can absolutely use your help. In fact it is essential!

Right now, Santosha is in the 'promotional' stage of its development. We are currently making ourselves known to the world. We rely on word of mouth for the dream of Santosha to reach the ears of those who have read the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. Please share our information with your email lists. Please pass our information on to anyone who has read the books and is interested in living in a domain community. At parties, if the subject comes up, please tell everyone about what we are creating at Santosha. 

Truly, it is through your words that Santosha will come into being. If you are planning to live with us at Santosha, then talk about your future to everyone you meet. If you have read this blog, but are not planning on living at Santosha, please keep this information in the back of your head so that when the universe delivers to you someone for whom this information is intended, you can help destiny along by pointing them in our direction. For all the generous words spoken about Santosha so far, and for all of the words spoken in the future, I offer my heartfelt thankyou!

In the future, there may be other opportunities for people to help out (in fact i'm certain of it) but for now, we need help in sharing this information all over Perth (and the world!).

The Collective Dream Circle

Once we start taking deposits, and we can officially recognise the future kin of Santosha, then will begin our collective dream circles. Can you recall in the Ringing Cedars series when Anastasia elucidates the virtues of collective thought? She tells Vladimir how to create a flying saucer using the mental energy of a dozen individuals who possess conscious awareness and purity of thought. She also explains how the Vedruss civilisation learned to even control the weather with collective thought. 

The lesson appears to be that, while one individual possesses enormous energy with their thoughts, many individuals together can significantly boost their strength, and bring about creations with greater speed and accuracy. We aim to utilise the potential of this energy when creating Santosha. 

Occasionally we will be hosting gatherings called 'The Collective Dream Circle'. Don't be intimidated though, these events are just a chance for you to get to know your future neighbours and chat about Santosha and the Ringing Cedars. After people have had a chance to chat, we will then begin the Collective Dream Circle. People are free to speak their hearts about the future they see with Santosha, and we can all hold the beautiful energy of that vision. Our collective thoughts will undoubtedly see the rapid manifestation of these dreams :)

The Blog Lives On!

This is not the end of the blog. The blog will continue to be a place where we share information about Santosha. There are new developments all the time, and I will keep you updated on all of these goings on by this blog. That way, everyone is up to date on Santosha and you can follow the progress live as it happens! Look on the side-bar of this blog, you will find an option that says 'Follow us on email!'. Be sure to enter your email address here, so that you can stay up to date with all things Santosha!

We are also planning our 'Santosha Kin' series. This will be a series of interviews with the future kin of Santosha (people who have secured their place by deposit). This will give blog readers a chance to get to know all the lovely people that have heard the calling of Santosha and are ready to begin their new life. We will ask them about how they found out about the Ringing Cedars, why drew them to Santosha and what their plans are for the future. 

Hopefully we can all take heart from the stories of Santosha's future kin. It is inspiring to see anyone who has a dream of creation, and is living their life to put that dream into practice. In the words of Anastasia's Grandfather in The Ringing Cedars of Russia (book 2)

''A breathtaking dawn of a new day is something to be admired''

And so here we are. At the end of our information notes, and at the beginning of a new dawn. The journey is far from over. Indeed, more people join the journey every day. For this is not just about Margaret River or 28 families. This is not just about Australia. This is about a new consciousness that is sweeping across the Earth and being felt in every corner of the universe. 

For the first time in so many years, God has heard talk about the perfection of His creations. Millions of his sons and daughters now aspire to create their kin's domains, their own space of love. At the time of writing this, I am actually very emotional....

Blessings to you all x

Thank you, sons and daughters, for your aspirations.

 - The Energy of Life (book 7)